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This is indeed a difficult choice! We are happy to help you choose. Therefore, we have created a list of questions for you on our homepage. In the middle of the page you should click on the blue button ''Find the perfect smartwatch''.

  • Gard Pro Health Smartwatch 2 The case is 1.50 inches wide, 1.77 inches high and 0.43 inches thick.
  • Gard Pro Health Smartwatch 2 The case is 1.50 inches wide, 1.77 inches high and 0,41 inches thick.
  • Gard Pro Ultra The case is 1.71 wide, 2.24 inches high and 0.54 inches thick.
  • Gard Pro Ultra 2+ The case is 2.02 inches wide and high and 0,51 inches thick.

Further, the Health Series straps are adjustable from 5.5 inches to 9.45 inches in circumference. The Ultra series are adjustable from 6.3 inches to 11.02 inches.

  • your Gard Pro smartwatch
  • your Gard Pro strap
  • magnetic fast charger to USB cable
  • Gard Pro user manual

Our smartwatches pair with any Android device (Android 6 and above) and iPhone (iOS 9 and above).

Open the app GloryFit. You will be asked for your email address, then press ''getcaptcha''.

A ''captcha'' (5-6 digit code) will be sent by email. Enter it under ''Captcha'' and press ''Login''.

Next, you will be given an information sheet about background activities, press ''Ignore'' here. Then fill in the requested information. You can get to the next screen by pressing ''>'' at the bottom of the screen.

When you have filled in the information, click on ''Select device'', click on the appropriate model and follow the instructions to connect.

Bluetooth connection:After successful pairing, the APP will automatically save the Bluetooth address of the GARDPRO. And it will always remain connected during use.To activate various functions you need to click on ''Device'' at the bottom of the GloryFit app. Here you can turn all functions on and off. Think of bluetooth calling, text messages, Whatsapp, Facebook & Gmail.

All Gard Pro smartwatches come with a standard 2 year hardware warranty!

Within Gard Pro we also offer an insurance GardCare+. This insurance covers you against e.g. falls and/or water damage. If this happens, we will provide you with a replacement product free of charge!

This depends on which model Gard Pro smartwatch you have.

  • Gard Pro Health Smartwatch 2
    With this model smartwatch, you can only answer calls by forwarding them to voicemail, this is because there is no speaker in it. However, you can receive messages. Making actual calls with this model is not possible.

  • Gard Pro Health Smartwatch 2+
    With this model it is possible to make calls and receive messages.

  • Gard Pro Ultra
    This model can also be used to make calls and receive messages.

  • Gard Pro Ultra 2+
    Also with our latest model you can make calls, receive calls and receive messages.
  • Gard Pro Health SeriesBattery duration up to 7 days with ''normal'' use
  • Gard Pro Ultra SeriesBattery duration up to 15 days with ''normal'' use

For both series models, when the smartwatches are on ''standby'', the battery duration is double in days.

For maximum charging of the smartwatches, keep +- 2 hours.

All our models of smartwatches use the GPS signal from your phone. There is no built-in GPS in the smartwatch. So you should always have your phone with you if you want to have insight into your traveled routes.

Do you have a special someone you think needs a Gard Pro smartwatch?

A Gard Pro smartwatch is the perfect gift. You can have the Gard Pro sent directly to the lucky person. To do so, you just need to enter the address information during your order.

Don't know which model suits the lucky one best? No worries!We also offer gift certificates.

Yes, there is a physical instruction manual with all of our products. We also have an online version available. You can request it by mail.

All purchases at Gard Pro are without any subscription fees. The GloryFit app that connects to the smartwatch is 100% free and has no subscription fees. We believe you should be able to track your vitals for free and forever.


Gardpro ​​offers you the following payment options in the webshop:

  • ideal
  • Ban contact
  • Credit card (American Express, MasterCard, Maestro and VISA)
  • Giropay
  • SEPA Credit Transfer
  • Sofort
  • APPLEpay
  • google pay

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Something not quite right with your order?

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Please contact us to report the problem and get things resolved quickly. We may request that you attach photos so that we can determine what happened.

These things happen! Send us an email immediately with the subject line CHANGE or CANCEL and we will do our utmost to fulfill your request. If it's already shipped, you'll need to go through our returns process.

As we do our best to get your orders to you as quickly as possible, occasionally an order will be processed before the team has a chance to change it. We cannot guarantee an order change once the order has been placed, so please select your items carefully.

We always strive to be the best, so we'd love to hear your thoughts. We also love to hear your lovely Gard Pro stories as it warms our hearts to see our Health smartwatches so loved in the big wide world.

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